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please help me i am desperite to be promoted


Send your CV to us for a free appraisal and let us see how we can help:
Kind regards


I think this try.


A teleworking (Work at home) business CV or resume will greatly assist in getting that new home working business or job opportunity much faster. Find out how to write a "Work at Home" CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume today. Free CV advice and CV examples to download.


Please do not confuse CV writing advice associated with the US CV with the UK CV. The UK CV is very similar to the US resume. The UK CV should not be written on more than 2 pages unless you are posting it to a job agency or maybe working within a few specific organisations. In general, the covering or supporting letter should be targeted to a specific job vacancy. The UK CV should be targeted towards the appropriate job area.

nepal blog

Well said. and also avoid funny email address in your CV and generic hobbies unrelated to the job.

Samuel Ladipo

Dear Employee,
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Jobs in the Medical Field

The CV is the first impression that you make on the employer. Your article will help people prepare the right CV for their job. Thanks for an information article.

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